Social Media and College Students – For Better or For Worse?

Social media can have varying results on the way students in college performs. Huffington Post article by Riley Griffin goes into detail on how the use of social media can impact the way college students deal with mental health issues. In this article, Griffin uses Sydney as an example of how she quickly turned to social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook as a way to deal with her anxiety of conforming to the college lifestyle. Clearly, this can pose as an issue for college students since they are relying on the lives of other people on social media to determine how they should go through their 4 years (or more) of college instead of going through it themselves. On the other hand, another Huffington Post article by the president of Ursinus College, Brock Blomberg, shows that college students are better off going through college with social media platforms. He states that social media platforms will allow students to make connections to the outside world to spark independent thinking which could eventually lead to a successful career.

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