The Google Search Of Jared Antoine

How would I feel if my identity was easily able to be found through a google search? What would be there? These are two questions I came in with when I was asked to google myself. Globally, google is a quick resource to gather information on places, things, and especially people. But why would I be on a google search. If I were to guess, one piece of information that may pop up is my website that I created during the summer leading to my Senior year of high school when I participated in a internship at Cisco Systems. Also, I previously had a YouTube channel, which is now deleted, that was used under my full birth name that had some embarrassing videos on it that I wouldn’t want anyone to even shed light on. However, having my name in google searches wouldn’t be as bad as a thing in the near future. As I continue working towards my dream career, I would want my LinkedIn and GitHub to be open for people to explore so people would be able to acknowledge the work I put towards the computer science field.

What Google Shows:


Although the images are blurry, when I googled my birth first name, Jared, and my nickname, Jay, I was surprised that not a lot of results were shown. I searched Google Images as well and there were absolutely no photos of me. However, the only direct link to me on the Google Search engine was through Facebook where they searched my name based on the location that I included when creating my Facebook profile. On Yahoo, more of my social medias began to surface such as my instagram and my old Twitter handle. Though only 2 of my major social media accounts are open to be searched through search engine, I feel a sense of relief that a handful of my information is protected on the front end, but is it the same deep down in the core of the internet? Only those skilled would know.

How I Want To Be Seen In The Future:

After graduating from college and receiving my degree in Computer Science, I want to potentially lead a tech start-up with a group of computer scientists. With this group of tech skilled graduates, our accomplishments could be seen worldwide and eventually end up on search results on Google. All in all, when someone googles my name, I want the searches to reflect my accomplishments and professional identity.

The Experience:

Googling myself was a very stress relieving activity because it allowed me to see what type of information the internet holds based on just my name. As a young boy on social media, I would always post silly and immature stuff on the internet. Now, I am thankful that those posts haven’t made it on to the public scene of google searches since it would reflect someone that I am no longer. Additionally, young teenagers that go viral for things such as fights or harmful videos have to live with that forever and all it takes to find that out is a few letters in the google search bar and the enter key. Now, I am able to develop a professional identity in college and have that reflected all around google searches.

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