Is Technology Hurting Us Or Are We Hurting Ourselves?

Many people may believe that technology is helping people for the better since it makes daily life much easier and easily accessible through the Internet. However, there are some underlying aspects of using technology that continues to affect our brains and body systems. Many scientists have analyzed changes in human body and behavior through excessive use on technology. Now only one question remains, why do we continue to use technology?

The website, Everyday Health, hones in on the real effects of technology on our health. One effect is falling memory. Through excessive use of technology, we aren’t retaining as much information as we do when information isn’t digital. This is due to the false effectiveness we have of multi-tasking. Scott Mautz revealed that when we think we are multitasking with technology, we perform worse and our brains are “four times slower” to recognize new things while we are multitasking. Additionally, technology allows humans to believe that they can perform multiple tasks at once with ease, but if people continue trying to complete 3 different tasks in one sitting, they are harming their brain since it cannot handle all of that information at once. The simple solution would be to just put the phone down or close the laptop, but it’s not that easy. Primarily in teenagers and children, putting down the technology makes them feel as though they are alone and missing out on what’s going on in the social media. As a result, when they are away from technology, their behavior drastically changes since they believe they cannot function without technology in arms reach of them.

On the other hand, we can not essentially blame technology for harming our health, the real blame is on the person behind the screen. Technology was introduced to the world for people to access it but not forced for anyone to use it. People growing up are starting to believe that using technology helps create a safe space for themselves and therefore feel a disconnect when they are away from technology. With this state of mind, you are bound to become subject to harming yourself through excessive use of technology.


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  • Patrick Kim

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I feel like you touched up on really important key points, including the physical harm that technology inflicts on us, or I should say the harm we inflict on ourselves. One of the points I feel like you did well on explaining is the topic of multi tasking. Humans were not made to multi task. I knew that from the start, but I wasn’t aware of the damage it can do to our brains. All in all, I agree with you in saying that we are harming ourselves with technology.

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